Once.. is Thomas Dresscher

After completing an MA/drs. in History and Celtic Studies at the Universities of Groningen, Utrecht and Galway, I started to work as a freelance researcher and specialised in Maritime and Colonial History. In this capacity, I have worked all over Western Europe. At present I spend my time divided between the Netherlands and Portugal.

My clients include heritage institutions such as archives and museums, companies and private parties. Amongst these are the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) and the National Archives of the Netherlands.

Highlighted projects:

Co-operation on VOC exhibit for the National Archives - link

Organisation of a scientific symposium on the VOC - link

Co-operation on the Dutch East India Company Book (Grote VOC Boek) - link

Project management digitisation Comprehensive Atlas of the VOC/WIC series - link

Co-operation on the Great Book of Dutch Maps (Grote Kaartenboek) - link

Co-operation on MaSS (Maritime Stepping Stones) website - link