Once.. Histories delivers tailor-made historical work for heritage institutions, governments and private parties

Once.. Histories is Thomas Dresscher (MA/Drs.)

I have been working as a freelance historian for over two decades in the field of Maritime and Colonial History.

The ocean

I have a life-long fascination with the ocean, the vessels that cross her and the lands that lie beyond her. I work with stories connected to the ocean, stories of discovery and wonder, but also of exploitation and horror, for all these stories need to be told.

I provide archive and museum research. I am an experienced researcher and have worked all over western Europe

I provide writing and editing services and specialised translation and transcription services

I manage and support projects such as exhibits, publications and online platforms



+31 (0) 45380826

Based in the Netherlands and Portugal

Image credits: Nationaal Archief and Rijksmuseum